If  you’re looking for something a bit more EXTRAAAA…  

Video is Video. But when it becomes a full 360 degrees, well… who’s going to argue with that!  Perfect for those ultra glam events, where your guests are dressed to the 10s, or if you want something new (like all our other products, we’ve built this by ourselves!). Up to four guests can fit comfortably on the stage and like our Videobox Videos, the final video will be customized and branded to include your logo, graphics, and music.   You can choose from Slow Motion, Alternate Speeds, or even a Boomerang motion to create a customized video experience.  Taking a 360 video is about 10 seconds, and is automatically processed, then immediately sent back to guests, ready for the most important part– social media sharing.


And by the way, we have a love/hate relationship with confetti. But it’s so much more fun with it.

Some Samples of our favourite 360one Videos below from the Grand Opening Event of Vattanac Capital in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

*The 360one does require more space in setting- approx 3m * 3m however if you would like the full branded setup (as Vattanac Capital), ideal  space required will be 3.8m * 3.8m.   For more info, please contact us at [email protected]