What’s a 3D Boomerang? 

The term “Boomerang” is actually a burst GIF with images  set in a  back-and-forth bouncing order, thus creating a “boomerang”. 

A burst = photos taken at high speed without countdown in between each photo, therefore the guest can continuously move and the images are captured in a fluid range of photos.  Then, when the Boomerang GIF is created, it bounces back and forth– so it’ll go 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1. 

And now in 3D, we’ve added one more aspect in making your guests’ images even more AWESOME.  With our 3D Boomerang GIFs, we capture all the angles, moving along 90′ so you get to see more shots of your beautiful guests. 

Some Samples of 3D Boomerang GIFs below:

JIMMY CHOO #IWantChoo Event Afterparty

It’s Vegas, Baby!

Breitling Shanghai Expo Event

Breitling Shanghai Expo Event

Hang Lung Christmas Party

3D Boomerang GIF: How it Works
It’s actually really quick, easy,
and anyone can do it!