Why Photobox Photobooths?

We’ve taken over half a million photos, have been to hundreds of events and over hundreds of venues all around Asia.
We’ve experienced, we’ve tweaked, and we’ve customized when it comes to building our line of Photoboxes
and range of Photography Entertainment Solutions.

We focus on Quality, Service, and Customization for each of our clients, because we understand every event has different needs and requirements– and we
want your experience with us to be no different. Photo layouts are fully tailored to your requests– fitting your brand, theme, and style.

We also can provide customized backdrops, props, and more, all based on your event theme- even a fully branded Photobox.
If you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen.

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What is included with the rental?

Lots. Click here.

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What are the electrical & space requirements?

Our Photoboxes have been built with the intention of flexibility. Therefore, we are able to fit into any space possible, provided the ground is level.

One standard 13 amp outlet is needed to power the Photobox, no matter what size.

For our Original Photobox, a space of 4’ x 6’ is ideal, though we’ve worked in both smaller and larger spaces.
The reccommended spacing between the Photobox are your photo taking experience is approximately 1 meter (~40inches),
but we’ve taken photos as close up at 0.7m too.

Of course, the more space, the merrier, since larger groups can fit into each photo!

Props are also happy when an additional table is provided, so they can scream “PICK ME” when the Photoboxing fun begins.

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How long does it take to setup & dismantle the Photobox?

We like to arrive 1 hour prior the rental start time for setup to ensure that everything is perfect when your rental is supposed to begin.
It doesn’t take this long to setup, but just say, we like to be prepared.

When your rental time has completed, we’ll dismantle and move out within 30 minutes.

Should you have any special requests for earlier or later setup/dismantle times, please let us know.

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How many photos can my guests & I take?

Every rental package comes with unlimited photo sessions. That means you can take as many photos to your heart’s content.

With each session a single 4R print or double photo strips will be printed.

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What size are the printed photos?

Our photo prints are typically either 4R (4” x 6”) in size or photo strips (2” x 6”).

However, we are also able to print in additional sizes, 5R (5” x 7”) and 6R (6” x 8”), so just let us know what you’re looking for.

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What can I customize?

Pretty much anything under the sun. Click here.

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What areas do you service?

Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories.

Also Macau, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.).

As well as Shanghai, Beijing, and Greater China.

We love to travel.

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When & how can I confirm my reservation?

Should you have an inquiry about the Photobox for your event, please drop us an email or submit an online booking request.
You’ll then receive a quotation from one of our team advising all the details.
If everything is good to go, please let us know and we’ll prepare your Service Agreement.

It’s always better to confirm earlier than later, since receiving a quotation does not confirm your reservation.
The ideal time is at least 3 weeks in advance so all preparations can be completed with the utmost detail and care.

However, we know that life isn’t always perfect, and sometimes you just need a last minute Photobox.
So just ask, and if we can help, we will.

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Any other questions?

Email Us or Click Here.

We’re also happy to meet with you, to discuss any questions or ideas you may have!