If a Picture is worth a thousand words, what are Videos worth??? 

We live in a visual world.  Photos first and now the age of VIDEO, because you know videos can capture all the more movement, fun, and laughter on screen.  Videos, like photos can always be customized, branded, include your logo, your event graphics, and music can even be added!  Videos are taken (usually 8-12 seconds), processed, and can be immediately sent back to guests for social media sharing.

Take it one step further and add GREENSCREEN/Chromakey (check out Impossible Foods below!)

YEP. All videos are recorded and immediately-processed-social-media-ready-for-sharing, because we know THAT’s what matters.

Some Samples of Videobox Videobooth Videos below:

Givenchy Beauty L’INTERDIT New Fragrance Launch Event

Miss Dior Love Chain (with Music)

Impossible Foods Launch in Hong Kong with Little Bao and Beef & Liberty
(Animated backdrop, Music, and Fun included… just add guests!)

Shanghai Tang Christmas Videobox Videobooth celebrating the holiday  season
with four different graphic options for guests to choose from! 

Macallan Highland Single Malt Whisky

Breitling Watch Exhibition

                                                   Dior Capture Youth Videobox
                                                       (with Music)

                                                Vans Korea In-Store Videobox

Innisfree Foundation Bank Videobox with Animated Branding